The Squire by EVentrue female knight fighter paladin soldier armor. A knight for justice truth and restoring what was broken; You can not fight for someone who "chooses" to reside and go to the enemy camp.

writing prompt: "Go forth little one and fulfil the task I made you for - and quickly!"

The message Creative fantasy digital artwork by Canadian artist Jessica Allain, aka EnchantedWhispers. Jessica is a self taught digital artist and she uses photoshop to create her work. Pure magic My soul to take Join me in… Continue Reading →

White Priestess, Dmitry Prozorov on ArtStation at

White Priestess by TamplierPainter female elf drow queen sorcerer wizard warlock…

Reminds me so much of Allannia

H-hello I'm uh Amaranthia I'm a full blooded eastern snake tongue. everyone thinks this is some sort of sickness it's just my skin. {works in coffee shop in border town dark side} oh uh you can call me Amy.

shadowrun; female; elf; white-haired

A bit closer to what I think of as a "real" elf in DnD than most drow artwork out there.