Cover Work - Julian Totino Tedesco - Artwork

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Original painting before editing for print volume:2 (collected John Carter of Mars covers by Alexander Wilson, via Behance)

Alexander Wilson - Cover for The Collected John Carter of Mars Volume Two by Edgar Rice Burroughs, 2012


The Vale of Lost Women, Conan the Barbarian art by Sanjulian (Manuel Perez Clemente)


Thuvia, Maid (or Murderess) of Mars — because everyone loves a girl with a gun

Baby got back. 12715600_10205989725929939_3148646831980566367_n.jpg (576×960)

Escape on Venus - Edgar Rice Burroughs Cover art by Frank Frazetta.

John Carter of mars -the book cover on my first Barsoom Paperback.

10 Retro Heroes You Should Know About

John Carter was a legendary hero who came before Superman and Batman. To celebrate the Anniversary of the John Carter legacy, the incredible adventures of this timeless hero are being brought to