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Rockabilly Batman

New scenes from Rockabilly Batman make us scream, WHY ISN'T THIS A BOOK YET?

Denis Medry - Batman Rockabilly Universe I already posted about Denis Medry’sBatman and Spidey Rockabilly universe, I know, but he designed more awesome sketches, and I had to share it !

Meet the entire cast of 1950s greaser Batman's Gotham City

Meet the entire cast of 1950s greaser Batman's Gotham City

rockabilly Batman concept art by artist Denis Medri. I absolutely LOVE how the characters look in this style!

After reimagining Batman, Nightwing and Robin in the seedy 1950s greaser scene, artist Denis Medri returns to take a look at the rogues of Gotham and more of Batman’s supporting.

Denis Medri Gives Batman and Friends a Rockabilly Makeover [link] Artist Denis Medri created a series of redesigns of characters from Gotham City, transforming Batman’s friends and foes.

Batman and Robin - Frank Miller

Frank Miller turned into one of those comic book artist that don't need any presentations. He's not only did some of the best comics from the and , but also a really awesome storyteller, writing great stories as The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City.