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Crimson Skies

On the topic of Crimson Skies aircraft in real life. The first one is the Blohm Voss which was designed as a fast bomber and probably served as inspiration for the game’s Warhawk. Second we have the Henschel a canard fighter and basis for the Bloodhawk.

Daimler proposed a few alternate designs the model you see is Project B project C had two parasite fighters also on board ,project E only fighters and F only flying bombs none of the projects came off the drawing board

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The 7F Coop Flyer --Detail by Rocketeam.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Put together from parts of two planes and a one submarine, I give you the better known as "Coop Flyer" The "Coop Flyer" was invented in 1942 by Aeron. The Coop Flyer --Detail

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A little ahead of its time for Crimson Skies maybe, but it feels like it fits. Could be cool with less swept-back wings.

Dragon 1/48 Horten Ho-229 flying wing.   http://www.network54.com/Forum/47751/message/1439982694/Horten+Ho-229

Dragon 1/48 Horten Ho-229 flying wing. http://www.network54.com/Forum/47751/message/1439982694/Horten+Ho-229

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Have Words, Will Travel: Fate Core/Fate Accelerated Hack - Crimson Skies

Focke-Wulf Ta-283 Interceptors . . .

This ramjet-powered fighter . was to be powered by a Walter HWK rocket engine…

The Blohm & Voss BV P.144 was designed to serve a variety of roles,long range reconnaissance U-Boat support bomber ,remote-controlled weapons carrier surface minelayer ,aerial tanker for refueling strategic bombers and was to operate along the east coast of the United States. This huge flying boat project was capable of landing on the high seas,  Four to Six Jumo 223  engines were envisaged or as in the C project 4 engines and 2 turbojets

/k/ Planes Episode Autism Speaks Edition It’s time for another episode of /k/ Planes! This time, the most frustrating German manufacturer: Blohm & Voss.