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In The Cat Inside William Burroughs paid a great compliment to his favorite animals: “My relationships with my cats has saved me from a deadly, pervasive ignorance."

‘Junkie’ with William S. Burroughs “The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself.” ~ William S. Burroughs, The Cat Inside

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Ernest Hemingway starts Islands in The Stream and Invites Buck Lanham and his Wife to Cuba, 1945

Rod McKuen, a 1960's singer, songwriter,  musician and poet.   E seu gatinho escutando alguns discos.

Poet Rod McKuen Playing Record on Stereo Set While Pet Siamese Cat Nuzzles His Face Affectionately Premium-valokuvavedos tekijänä Ralph Crane AllPosters.

Jorge Luís Borges

A um Gato – Jorge Luis Borges

‘Aleph’ with Jorge Luis Borges “You belong to another time. You are lord of a place bounded like a dream.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges, “To a Cat”

Zelda Fitzgerald - 1929 mY #fave book Tender is the Night was written about her breakdown-

"Zelda Fitzgerald and her not-only-married-to-a-famous-writer-but-a-writer-on-her-own-right kitty." -- There's a misplaced modifier in there, but I'm not quibbling.


Famous Artists Photographed With Their Cats