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I once had a dream of standing on a marble balcony the same color of these beautiful birds and there were two of these majestic owls that were both over five feet tall. I felt absolutely at peace. The odd thing was that this was after reading H.P. Lovecraft stories that night before bed.

Barn owls, beautiful faces, owls on a line, owls in a row, peace & serenity.

Who is it?

Barn Owl Family - its as if they were posing fir their family portrait.

Bright Feather Owl... This bird is now extinct in the wild. The last one of its kind was roasted and eaten by Bigfoot. Now it only lives on the internet. Can sometimes be observed riding a unicorn.

Bright Feather Owl (i think someone is playing with colors here- compare this pic to the same brown owl photo)


Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) is a small owl native to North America.

Northern Saw Whet Owl

And beautiful. Northern Saw Whet Owl photographed by Lise De Serres. by carolyn

Así me gusta que me toque la cabeza_ http://www.dadanoias.net/2011/11/24/asi-me-gusta-que-me-toquen-la-cabeza/

"Lovely Owl" - the most adorable owl video ever. :) I want the one that acts like a kitty.