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Things I trust more than Obama...

There is humor in this statement but it's a sad commentary of our president.<<i'm so confused

You never go full HOOAH

I once went full HOOAH, I've never been the same. My mom warned me that my face would stay this way.

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Really ???  What a P.O.S

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican never should you have a Marine hold an umbrella for you. There are way too many lackeys in the White House doing nothing that can do that pitiful job.

Memes Hillary Clinton Wishes She Could Delete - EEnteresting

Hillary deleted emails that would have landed her and maybe even obama in prison! Just think what she could do to destroy our country if she was elected, her campaign is funded by the muslim brotherhood and the bilderberg group-she's their puppet

People like this are true americans. This man refused to get on his knees.

This a real HERO, not that piece of junk football player that refuses to stand for our NATIONAL ANTHEM

And people wanted this as our Commander in Chief!

Murray rothbard essays A prolific author and Austrian economist, Murray Rothbard promoted a form of free market anarchism he called “anarcho-capitalism.

No fucktardio we work for a living. You trust fund goat fuckers have all the money hoarded.

Why don't poor ppl just buy more money? - a perfect response to highlight exactly how out of touch republicans & the rich elite are in regards to normal middle class & poverty stricken ppl.