if someone bought me this i would actually cry and i don't know if it would be from laughter or legitimate happiness

One of two wigs : Cut, styled Wig without skin top and LEDs for Blizzard "Junkrat" (Overwatch), Walking Act at gamescom wig comission © Florence Heyer FX Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

Psycho Pass: Dominator by Love-of-Krye <3

Psycho Pass: Dominator by Love-of-Krye gun cosplay costume LARP LRP equipment gear magic item resource tool how to tutorial instructions


Any SAO fans out there?

Any SAO fans out there? Yeah and I got to say that loved all the seasons and got through the hole game once and I'm going to again I just know it

Cosplay is not my thing but I think this tutorial is really cool. If anyone makes one I'd like to see the finished "weapon"

Here is a tutorial on how I make my cosplay props. I hope some people will be interested in it. In any case, please let me know what you think of the me. Tutorial on how I make my cosplay props

WIP Blade of Woe 2 by Daniel-Abreu on deviantART

So, the polyurethane ended up with way too many air holes! I hoped for a denser material but ended up with this. WIP Blade of Woe 2

WIP Blade of Woe by Daniel-Abreu on deviantART

Blade of Woe from Skyrim for a future cosplay. First attempt at carving a prop in polyurethane so let's hope for the best Part 2 soon WIP Blade of Woe

More layouts for spartan armor

Didn't put any fiberglass and aqua resin on it but it's pretty awesome considering it isn't as easy as it looks XD believe me

Foam and Worbla Sword | Worbla's Finest Art -- I love when they add humor to tutorials

AmenoKitarou (DeviantArt here) shared with us one of his in depth tutorials, explaining the process behind Aeron’s heavily detailed sword.