It's when the words come from the people that we thought cared about us that hurt us.

You sure did i don't want anything to do with you so sad that I don't even hear to my station any more so I want hear you

how to capture their heart: do them little favors that make their life easier, and always try to show initiative and consideration.

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Scorpio~~ If I said it, you deserve it. If It hurt your feelings.well boo, truth hurts, I won't apologize for keeping it real

That's why I distance myself from strong Feelings. Because it hurts and sometimes... burn myself to the ground.

scorpio will always appear to have a tough surface, however, they feel emotions more deeply than any of the zodiac signs.

Yup yup yup...And people think you should just forgive and forget like they did nothing wrong...Haha NOPE!

keep this in mind, because I'm a Scorpio rising it's my emotion control center, no wonder why I'm hard to read. be careful. you drink the poison you choose.

people who get my love often say   they have never expierenced  real love like this...not to get this confused with the awesome and unfailing love of god. a scorpio       loves deeply passionetly and real.

People who get my love often say they have never experienced real love like this. Not to get this confused with the awesome & unfailing love of God. A scorpio loves deeply, passionately & real.


More amazing zodiac facts here yep thats me when the world knows she's in the wrong yet she's blaming me for her shit I just cringe and just get all Jack Nicholson .

It's both a blessing and a curse

scorpio fact I guess it's a Libra fact too because these two sentences are me.

Sad but true....sad for obvious reasons, true because we need to feel loved. We want to feel important to you. We need to feel like we matter. Not because we are stubborn or mean.

I usually hide it until I know I won't be rejected. I don't know how to handle rejection well so I need to be before I commit.