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People say it's just a horse. That horse is a best friend, a teacher, an one of the best things that had ever happened to me. That horse is my life, my love, & my soulmate . No matter what, it's not just a horse. That horse is part of me & made me who I am today.

dont let anyone say tht a horse is just a horse and is not ur soulmate tell them yes it is it also made me what i am today and move on that even happend to me i live to ride a horse is my life

<3 Truu.

'There is no secret so close as that held between a girl and her horse'. I love this quote so much. It's all about respect, love and the secrets between them which keep a horse and his rider connected.

Sometimes just being near him and smelling his horsiness is enough

*** Horse quote: "Isn't it amazing. No matter how dark my day has been, a ride on my horse has the power to clear my mind and soul.

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Country Girls and Shorts! Haha! This is funny!

For all you buckle bunnies out there « Funny « ImgLuLz – Funny Pics and

"The riders hands are not to control the horse, but to feel the horse's thoughts." And to let the horse feel you

I know I can do this. Eyesight's overrated anyway. :)

*** Inspirational quote: "Forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the one why it will." Black and white horse photography.

My Daddy use to say this all the time when I was in high school--he got me a horse!

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Our Hearts Will Always Beat As One❤️

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