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brownbear Hoenderdaell JN6A2975

brownbear Hoenderdaell JN6A2975

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Wow that a big bear!


Interesting facts about Kodiak bears

frigxd: “ Kodiak Bear, Kodiak Island, Alaska (by Cedrik Strahm) ”

Bear Cub in Tree by Halex

no description, animal mammal bear cub tree uploaded by HALEX on imgfave

Kodiak Brown Bear

Selection of Alaska pictures, photos and photo galleries, including all seasons, attractions and animals, photographed by professional photographer Rolf Hicker.

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Brown Bear in Beautiful Fall Foliage.

Big Beauty!

Big Beauty!

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An absolutely precious cub, resting.

~ To rest on a pine bough.

Kodiak bear

It is a very close race, and in some estimations the Polar bear is larger; however, the Kodiak bear is the largest bear in the USA, and is often larger than Polar bears as well.

Grizzly bear cub - Alaska - HalloBay

Grizzly bear cub - Alaska - HalloBay

Big Skies, A Dog & My Truck... and Whiskey Please : Photo

Big Skies, A Dog & My Truck. and Whiskey Please : Photo

Grizzly-Bear-2.jpg (1024×1683)

Spirit Animal Guide Grizzly Bear-Native American symbol of majesty, freedom, and…

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Draw me like one of your French bears