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Tròn mắt khi băng hải tặc One Piece nổi hứng cosplay Overwatch

One Piece, overwatch Heroes

afro ammunition belt armor armored dress belt black clothes black gloves black hair black jacket black pants brook buckle character name claws coat comic cosplay cowboy shot dual wielding gloves gun han seok-bum handgun highres hood hooded jacket jack

black hair cosplay fire han seok-bum male focus official style one piece overwatch pharah (overwatch) pharah (overwatch) (cosplay) portgas d ace power armor solo

huuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaacaaaaaa look at that badass suit jezzss and that mottafkng katana Overwatch - Genji Reference Guide

This Japanese ninja warrior used his sword and his speed to get the upper hand in battle. Unlike other heroes, he uses his ninja stars instead of a gun.