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Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolfhound - I can easily see the ancestry of my Wheatens in this face.

My favorite breed

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Austonley Irish Wolfhounds - Austonley Irish Wolfhounds

Austonley Irish Wolfhounds - Austonley Irish Wolfhounds

We found a dog like this when I was a young school-girl & we took him in, washed him up, took pics, made flyers with his picture & sent pictures of him to the local news papers in our area. One day after that we got a call from his owners... We learned that his name was "Reggie"! I wanted so badly to keep Reggie. Well, maybe someday my daughters & I will get lucky and be able to adopt a Reggie all our own! NolaWest********

Irish Wolfhound i want this dog someday

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irish wolfhound

irish wolfhound

One of the earliest recorded references to Irish Wolfhounds is in Roman records dating to 391 A.D. Often used as royal gifts, they hunted with their masters, fought beside them in battle, guarded their castles, played with their children, and lay quietly by the fire as family friends. They were fierce hunters of wolves and the oversized Irish elk, so good that their prey disappeared from Ireland and the hounds fell upon hard times. By the 19th Century there were few IWs left in Ireland.

Okay, if I didn& love Airedales and Welsh Terriers so much, I& insist on having a couple of Irish Wolfhounds around. Such beautiful, gentle dogs.

Irish Wolfhounds....

Irish Wolfhounds are sweet-tempered, patient, kind, thoughtful and very intelligent. Excellent and can be trusted with children. Willing and eager to please, they are unconditionally loyal to their owner and family.

Irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound - Looks like the English Sheepdog / Black Lab mix we once had!

Irish Wolfhound photo | Irish Wolfhound | Essendon Vet Clinic

Photo about A beautiful Irish Wolfhound dog head portrait with cute expression in the face watching other dogs in the park - 2214555

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Well, wolfhounds, not terriers, but they have beards... Grace, Fiona, and her sister Clare

How can you not fall in love with an Irish Wolfhound when you look in their eyes?

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Animal fun at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival.

Irish Wolfhound.

britisharmyofficial: “ Happy St Patrick’s Day Pictured: Conmael the Irish Wolfhound, who is the regimental mascot of the Battalion Irish Guards.

Irish Wolfhound Puppy photo

Irish Wolfhound Puppy -want one so badly.