La "Bella" di Tiziano, restauro svela mistero - Firenze -

La "Bella" di Tiziano, restauro svela mistero - Firenze -

Cristina di Lorena (?), Scipione Pulzone, 1590

Scipione Pulzone Christina of Lorraine, Daughter of Charles III of Lorraine and Claude of Valois, and granddaughter of Catherine de' Medici.

Marietta Robusti (1560-1590) was a Venetian painter of the Renaissance period. She was the daughter of Tintoretto and is often referred to as Tintoretta.The only painting that can be conclusively attributed to Robusti is her self-portrait (ca.1580) that depicts her posed before a harpsichord, holding music identified as a madrigal by Philippe Verdelot, “Madonna per voi ardo”   suggesting that the painting was created for a male viewer, possibly Marietta’s husband.

Marietta Comin (Robusti), called la Tintoretta Self-portrait with a Madrigal (c. oil on canvas, x cm.

Bordone: Fugger

Paris Bordone ~ Italian High Renaissance Painter ~ Portrait of a Lady, Possibly of the Fugger Family ~ ~ Private Collection

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Jesus and the woman taken in adultery (Cristo e l'adultera), by Jacopo da Ponte known as Bassano, Century

Moretto da Brescia, ritratto di eleonora averoldi, vers 1530, Philadelphie - very unusual, unfortunately I can't find a larger version

1530 Portrait of Eleonora Averoldi Moretto da Brescia (Alessandro Bonvicino), Italian (active Brescia), c. 1498 - 1554 Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Portrait of Eleonora Averoldi