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Polish mythology, fire flowers are mystical. To find it the seeker had to enter a forest before 12am on the Eve of Kupala. The flower wld climb up the stalk of the fern,& precisely @ midnight it would bloom so brightly that no 1 could look directly at it. In order to get it, a circle had to be drawn around it, & the you had to deal w/ demons trying to distract you from doing so. Anyone possessing this flower gained the ability to read minds & repel all evils.

Flaming Roses (note to self: maybe a burning rose can be a symbol of passion and love in this world. Would make for good back story and a beautiful plot device. Would make the symbolism of stuff more dramatic, too.

This is so flippin cool looking...

There is something deeply disturbing and painful to see setting intentionally live flower on fire. I do not see art I see suffering. People please DO NOT do such things. Listen to your heart and choose good over bad.


The amazing work by Ukrainian illustrator Alexander Fedosov. Alexander's illustrations have everything I look for, they are incredibly well done with a really unique style and massive attention to detail.