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I'm reposting this because I believe in god. He has allready done all of us a big favor and I do t need a "huge favor"

pinning because that looks really cool

That coin thing looks cool! I almost don't want to post this though, because then I look like I've fallen to the 'repost' thing. But no, I just want to show you this coin thing.


God has seen you struggling with something. God says it's over! A blessing is coming your way. ~ God is Heart

Scary! Um i kinda have important test tomorrow and i dont want to risk it(i usually didnt believe in this thing)

I didn't want to repost this AP Finals are next week and I can't chance anything.

Cdd crap now there is lipstick on my phone

I even typed this w/ me bottom lip rip<<typing li ke this is hard geez