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I would take Percy. He could swim us out. But Percy didn't even answer :(

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Lol, so me...

I did it with Harry Potter as well. She actually believed me when I said Harry died, Voldemort ended up being under the imperious curse by Dumbledore and Ron was a house elf in disguise. >>> that is so funny I'm going to do that to my friend

Well, they're not wrong. / Percy Jackson / persassy / Percy Jackson perfection /

Well, they're not wrong. / Percy Jackson / per sassy / Percy Jackson perfection / Percabeth/ Percy + Annabeth = Perc-fect<<< I would spell Percabeth

Yes!! But I also have a crush on Leo...

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Leo: It's a pillow it's a pet. It's a PILLOW PET.

Hm, I would've given: Leo: Yellow dragon pillow pet Percy: panda Annabeth: owl, Nico: bat Hazel: ladybug Frank: bear Jason: unicor, a purple unicorn

“i secretly ship every single one of my friends with at least one person who they probably will never find out about/never even expect but whenever they…”

I bet some of the gods have/had a crush on percy but didn't act on it because Zeus is a Percabeth shipper

Ha! Nico, chill!

Me: Nico. Nico: *blushes* Um… maybe…? Me: Hehe… that"s cute… Nico: *shadow travels to China*<<<Hahaha XD

one of many awesome percabeth proposals.<<<<I have thrown an apple at a girl in Greece. Do I hear wedding bells?