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She knew that was coming (Littletale)

Asgore vs Undyne << No offense, but since Undyne said "flower boy" I think that's Asriel.

[SPOILERS] Undertale - Fight or Mercy? by WarGreymon43.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

undertale, flowey, undertalefrisk Those are the wrong wingding for Gaster he speaks capital 1 not that stuf u have

This is literally me tho

So I'm basically Sans, I literally pop my back ALL THE TIME because it stiffens up painfully throughout the day<<< my finger is weird it pops foreword when I pull it back too far

#wattpad #romance FRISKXSANS, imahenez y comics de esta linda pareja, yaoi, yuri (tal vez 7u7) FRANS IS LOVE FRANS IS LIFE

El paraíso del Frans - Pack de disculpa (?)

Ow ow ow, okay, ow, my heart.

undertale, sans, frisk Not usually a big fan of Sand being a dad thing-- but this was just too cute.>> I can't choose if I like sans more as frisks father figure or as dating