Anunciado reparto adicional de la tercera temporada de Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal.

Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn, and Sailor Neptune, appear in glorious color in a new promotional image for Sailor Moon Crystal season


She is my favourite shensi character from anime Sailor Moon, I don’t patient to see the new anime of her. I made her during 5 days.

Sailor Saturn

Browse Sailor Moon collected by cobra and make your own Anime album.

by *alexielart on deviantART    As much as I feel bad for Seiya in the Stars season, this is hilarious.

Sailor Moon: Cut scenes 2 by *alexielart on deviantART Also, Seiya is a lying jerk!

Sailor Neptune - Head to toe image

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune, is it bad that I have been really wanting to watch Sailor Moon lately?