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Martha Walkslow с матерью. Ассинибойны, Форт Белкнап, Монтана. 1899 год.

Martha Walkslow and Mother Martha Walkslow and Mother- Assiniboine. Photo taken by my Great Uncle at Fort Belknap, Montana, 1899


Geronimo, The famous Chiricahua Apache Chief - Native American Charcoal drawing from a photograph.


Iron Nation - Sicangu - 1867 Spotted Tail, Fast Bear - Sicangu - 1868 Sicangu women and children – 1868 Spotted Tail - Sicangu - 1870 wife of Spotted Tail - Sicangu - 1872 Spotted Tail and

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White Belly - Vintage Photography of Native American. Edward Curtis

An old photograph of the Native American known as White Belly - Sioux. ©Jack Leustig Imaging - He's beautiful, but I have to smile, White Belly Sue!

Chief joseph (Nez Perce) wearing a war bonnet and several necklaces

" Hienmot Tooyalakekt commonly known as Chief Joseph, was a leader of the Wallamotkin band of Nez Perce. Photo by Edward S.

Joe Medicine Crow (b. 1913) as a young man; WW2 veteran and the only living Crow war chief according to the four traditional tasks to achieve this rank. Grandson of Medicine Crow, graduate of Linfield College with master's in anthropology from USC. Historian and author.  (See Ken Burns' documentary The War, episode 5 FUBAR)

Joe Medicine Crow, the only living Crow War Chief. Fulfilled all of the requirements to become a Crow War Chief, while fighting in World War II.

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Chief White Bull, Sitting Bull's cousin-1849. He is thought to be the one who killed General Custer

Chief White Bull of the Sioux Tribe was born in A cousin of Sitting Bull, he is thought to have killed General Custer.