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Nerdy fish humor #fishyhumor

Avengers fish humor ~~ Well, the orca eats both sharks and tuna. The shark eats tuna, but fights with orcas. What a trio.


Omg Darcy has a Pingu poster

Darcy and Jane (Thor Darcy has a Loki bear and a Captain America poster that says "American Booty"!it has a TARDIS POSTER!

Marvel nerd. Bruce Banner and Clint Barton fan. Brucenat shipper.

Marvel be like got an arrow guy? Make him a daddy and the emotional center of an ensemble movie

Wonder Woman pulled from Diana's story in Justice League: WAR. If DCEU would pull from the DCAU more, the films would probably be more successful. this part of the movie made me so happy that my mom asked me what was wrong

Headcanon accepted.

The Avengers are table top role playing Guardians of the Galaxy, with Bucky as DM. Amazing headcanon got even better!

Person who drew this, I physically applaud your cleverness and sense of humor.

Tony makes toast. Person who drew this, you are clever. I virtually applaud your cleverness and sense of humor.