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High quality Hand Painted Simeon with Jesus oil painting on Canvens painting modern living room Home Decoration Fine Art

7 Facts You May Not Know About Akiane Kramarik

A painting done by Akiane Kramarik named Father Forgive Them, that I edited to add a background resembling heaven and hell. Jesus resembles the br. Father forgive them by Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik with her painting Prince of Peace age 8

Akiane Kramarik with one of her most famous paintings Jesus Prince of Peace painted at age.

Mother's Love, Akiane Kramarik. The artist's words: "I painted Mary in a

From images of baby Jesus to the resurrection painting of Christ, child prodigy artist Akiane Kramarik paintings show 7 Jesus pictures seen in visions from God

Akiane+Kramarik+Images+of+Christ | El Cielo es real»: una película hermosa y un pensamiento sobre los ...

Akiane Kramarik - Looked up this girl's story and painting "Prince Of Peace" after reading the book Heaven Is For Real.Both amazing!

Mary and baby Jesus in royal blue. By Child Prodigy Artist Akiane Kramarik, prophetic art.

Mother Mary and baby Jesus painting in amazing blue. By Child Prodigy Artist Akiane Kramarik

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During his ministry, Jesus touched and transformed millions of lives. The Gospels have documented 36 miracles Jesus performed.

Akiane Kramarik -- See her gallery at

Akiane is an absolute gifted artist. From a very young age she has been given the gift of artistic vision that is unbelievable.

akiane kramarik gallery - Father Forgive Them

Akiane Kramarik - seen in the movie, Heaven is for Real. Young, untrained, and sheltered artist who has visions of Heaven and does an unbelievable job recreating them.