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When a meat eater uses your bathroom / vegan meme / vegan lifestyle / vegan humor

5 Lessons About Personal Boundaries 5 Lessons About Personal Boundaries? Yes - I am talking about Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory”.


try to use ETOH based hand sanitizer after coming out of a patients room that had C-Diff. I wish I had this to say to him when I told him to wash his hands since spores aren't killed by the ETOH.

I will someday have my very own awesome lawn dinosaur to costume.

Dug the T-Rex. these people have a t rex as a lawn ornament and dress him up for holidays. this is the most unbelievably EPIC thing i've ever seen.// I WANT A LAWN T-REX!

Ever wonder what it'd be like if the graceful Kate Middleton acted like a diva and let her Inner Duchess reign? A hilarious perspective through memes. hit counter Kate Middleton Memes by.

Zivas driving

Funny pictures about When people complain about my driving. Oh, and cool pics about When people complain about my driving. Also, When people complain about my driving.