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ummm no

Equestrian problems - LOL the horse in this picture is just like "See ya!"----- Like Joey in War Horse

equestrians are sooo much stronger than you so called "athletes"

But really this happens all the time and if you think football is for tough people? Try controlling a 1200 lb muscle filled mammal while jumping a 5 foot fence. Have fun eating dirt

No but I'll take the horse

Future husband, take note! Now that I have seen this no other proposal will be acceptable. And smart man! He's gotta buy a new horse to put the halter on tho

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I get so many weird looks when I'm talking to my horse and I don't understand why. Horses, well they listen and you definitely can't ignore your horse if he asks a question.

Previously: Or he's the first horse hipster, and wants out of the corporate runaround. Literally. #horsehumor #cokevspepsi #showjumping

You know you're in for a rough day when your horse sits down on the job. I think the horse prefers Pepsi over coco cola

I love it when I go to the grocery store in my stinky barn gear and all the people in "equestrian" clothes give me funny looks. Hey! This mud and horse hair is legit!

Hahaha this is so true, you can't have real equestrian style without mud and horse hair!

For real though lol

This just reminds me that I really should replace my half chaps that are held together with safety pins. But I really like the Schumacher browband I saw at the show last weekend.