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2jdqdrD.jpg (2203×2937)

2jdqdrD.jpg (2203×2937)


Two-Toed Sloth named Herman at the Detroit Zoo, Huntington Woods, MI

Panama Photo Gallery: Panama Three-Toed Sloth


A Muppet-like three-toed sloth gazes amicably (at least, he looks amicable) from a tree in Panama's Soberania National Park.

Lucy said she was charmed by the Toucan Rescue Ranch, where she took her photographs for the calendar

Baby sloths learn to climb with the help of a rocking chair

Orphaned baby sloths learn to climb in the absence of trees at a Costa Rican animal sanctuary. When they can survive on their own, the sloths will be released back into the wild.

Scientists Are Using Tiny Backpacks To Track Sloths / Visit us in Costa Rica…

I think it's hilarious that he can sit there, acting all cool, you know, "Hey, it's the norm to be sitting one inch away from a giant sloth. I'll just sit here, playing angry birds."

Why is James McAvoy hanging out with a sloth. I feel like this is Photoshopped

This sloth is hanging out with a plush version of himself.

Sloths Love Sleeping, You Love Sloths

This relaxing video is comprised of footage of the sloths being rehabilitated at the AIUNAU sloth sanctuary in Colombia, compiled by Lucy Cooke. International Sloth Day is coming up on October 20 and