DEEZ BURNS  I love the BTSxGOT7 concept lmao

This made me think of the problematic men ep where Jackson said he wasn't a rapper just a person who raps.

It's funny but not funny

Lol Bambam I feel like this shouldn't be funny but Jacksons face. lol Bambam your mom is savage lol but he knows he isgood looking:P

kpop managers ^^ | allkpop Meme Center

kpop managers ^^

isn't that V<<<it's talking about the manager's hand Bts are so close to their managers that they hold hands with them?

Got7  Jackson the elephant and BamBam the Giraffe

Jackson the elephant and BamBam the Giraffe. I honestly had no idea Jackson was so SMOL. His personality makes him 10 ft tall so idc either way.

poor Yugyeom. Don't mess with the leader...

Poor Yugyeom, but that video was great though!

GOT7 & BTS: MARK & V SHIP SAILING~~ | allkpop Meme Center

Haha lil Junior being all concerned and Mark acting all shy ♡ these two