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Captain Kirk cookin' The real explanation about where all the Tribbles went.

Captain James T Kirk

NMR/Aquarius Star Trek Kirk Poster Suitable for framing A great inexpensive alternative for wall decor Trendy pop culture theme

Leonard "Bones" McCoy - star-trek-movies Photo

Star Trek I: The Motion Picture. Wallpaper and background photos of Leonard "Bones" McCoy for fans of Star Trek-Movies images.

the one and only Kirk

I am a die-hard William Shatner fan since I was 10 years old, from the very moment when I watched my.

Kirk and Spock.

Publicity photo of Spock and Captain Kirk from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" - 1979

United Federation of Planets Starfleet officers assigned to USS Enterprise {NCC-1701-A}, (L to R):  Commander Pavel Andreievich Chekov (Walter Marvin Koenig; born September 14, 1936), Captain James Tiberius Kirk (William "Bill" Shatner, born March 22, 1931), Captain of Engineering Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen Scott (James Montgomery "Jimmy" Doohan; March 3, 1920 – July 20, 2005).

Chekov (Walter Koenig), Kirk (William Shatner), and Scotty (James Doohan) return to the bridge in the opening scene of Generations.