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Your character goes to a school for kids with powers along with Jeremiah. He can control fire and is fire resistant, but his power came with a side effect: direct human contact burns his skin like. He is nervous a lot because he doesn't have complete control of his powers yet. Between these two problems, he doesn't have many friends. Will your character talk to him?

We stood behind the glass wall, watching Aileen fight for her life. Jôrj was gone and the Shaman was trying to break the spell that caused him to nearly kill Aileen. It hurt seeing Aileen hooked up to to all those wires.

Imagine #2 Isaac talking to Scott and Stiles whilst training for the next lacrosse game when he was cut off mid sentence when he spots you on the bleachers :O

Read 21 Isaac Lahey from the story ALPHA ▶️ TEEN WOLF GIFS by VoidSybil (Town siren😉) with reads. Isaac when Scott won't.