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Witch kemonomimi batch adoptable open 1/2 by AS-Adoptables.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Witch kemonomimi batch adoptable open by AS-Adoptables on DeviantArt

Poor Liu ! He was stuck with two fan Creepypasta :))

he was stuck with two fans creepypasta Homicidal Liu and creepypasta fans (Girls)

There's no difference. I scream like banshee when i'm going to start fangirling

so true <<< meh, I fangirl the same in my house and in public 😂

Every girl and boy in my fandom has had to do this st least once a week....possibly two...

I literally do this almost every night. Why do you think all my Homestuck pins are from like was going to type something almost exactly the same as that

I don't hate Levi but just try to say something bad about him and fangirls will tear you apart.

This is me, I honestly do hate Levi . Point your swords at me all you want i'll always hate levi.

Digital art by Sakimichan...(part 2)

Digital art by Sakimichan...(part 2)

This is awesome, bringing all anime together that i enjoy! Different drawing styles.