Appy indian horse Appaloosa horse equine native american pony leopard blanket spotted snow cap,very pretty!

100% Foundation Appaloosa stallion, Drea Sundys Fireagle.  Owned/photo by Bonnie Spencer via Hags with Nags on FB.

Foundation Appaloosa stallion I think this is the most beautiful animal I have ever seen.

caballo appaloosa

Knabstrupper horses are a Danish breed with an unusual range of coat coloration - from solid to a full leopard spotted coat. Knabstruppers do well in drassage and show jumping.

Talking About Neat Looking Appaloosas.... tested for the tobiano gene, not there....100% Appy!  Amazing!!!!

Interesting Appaloosa pattern (right side) - photo by Eastowest (Laura Lyon)…

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Yellowbush Appaloosas

Gorgeous large black horse spotted and speckled with white spots Beautiful markings. Looks like red cacti flowers in the foreground and beautiful winding river in the mountain background at sunset. A very lovely pic!

A Beauty!

Clover- black quarter horse/Appaloosa- gelding- western/Gymkannah- blaze- socks on all feet but front left- white blanket

Byelorussian Harness Horse stallion Grokhot

Byelorussian Harness Horse stallion Grokhot