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I literally Laughed Out Loud when I read this!!!

I literally Laughed Out Loud when I read this! We also have a Clarisse and that is pretty much the same thing

Who else sang it?<----- mee!!<<<< Ditto!<<<<who didn't ( if u say u didn't then ur lying )

My first Disney to Demigod song! Part of Your World is owned by Disney (of course), and I just simply "demigoded" it up.<--- *dies* *comes back to life because I want to read the Blood of Olympus*

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Literally sat here laughing insanely for 5 minutes before I could pull it together and pin this!:

it makes my day when people say "the Percy Jackson" in the books. or when they say "I've heard so many things about the great Percy Jackson." or how even Gaea thinks he's so awesome she only wants HIS blood

Excuse my crazy fan-mind, but this looks more like a prom invitation.

Percy, did you forget that Nico's fatel flaw is holding grudges, again?>>> Nico did u forget percy sleeps like a rock

Can I just say that Percy playing the piano is the most beautiful thing ever? Like, seriously, for a person like me that loves classical/piano music, it would certainly melt my heart. Imagine this: Percy playing River Flows In You.