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Alpha Con 2014

What the hell Is Nathaniel Buzolic doing in that picture (next to Tyler Hoechlin)? Another swap from Caleb -> Kol Teen wolf version?

Hübsche Zwillinge ;)

Where they play basically the hottest twins on television. Now matter how evil these two may be or have been, they'll always be the badass twins of my life

Oh my gods I want a pet baby kanima. Look out bullies. Look at wittle baby Isaac gazing up at him!!!

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And last, but not least, a picture of the men from one generation up - Chris Argent, played by JR Bourne, and Peter Hale, played by Ian Bohen. | 41 GIFs Of The "Teen Wolf" Men To Make You Drool

JR Bourne (Chris argent) and Ian Bohen (Peter hale) on Teen Wolf set which happened to be JR's birthday. April (: they are soo damn hot! awe my fave hunter and my fave bad boy wolf awe