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klangst | Tumblr

klangst | Tumblr

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i mean klance isn’t my fav and i’d rather have mullet boy lance and awkward undercut shiro (haha get it because his new haircut from suCKs) but klance is still really nice oof + lance growing a mullet is so nice omg

Those shirts are so accurate

Those shirts are so accurate ; "My name is Keith and I'm soooo emo"

#lancemcclain, #voltron, #keithkogane, #klance

Donald Trump would deport this joke

I bet that Keith tried to apologise afterwards but Lance is so embarrassed that he just hides in his room, until Hunk comes and drags him out and shoves him onto Keith

Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt Voltron

Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt Voltron <<< She's allowed to say "Quiznak"

This is my the exact post that made me finally decide to watch Voltron

How To Attract A Boy On Phone

This is my fav klance comic/drawing/everything Klance Voltron legendary defender

It's kinda weird but I guess I'll save it???

It's kinda weird but I guess I'll save it? << what are you talking about this is everything.

Fire and Ice Bros by Barlee - Lance and Keith<<< they more than bros man

Lol the sass is real

Isn't this taken from percy Jackson? --> XD who really cares this comic has been going for all sorts of couples