The movie was so bad there are no word for how bad

Rapunzel: "that was a good movie- ish?" Eugene: "her hair was brown.I didn't see that coming.her hair is actually brown.WHY IS HER HAIR BROWN?

Percy Jacksom

Imagine how much more amazing Percy would sound if he told people about his adventures but didn't say Riptide was a sword and just told them it was a ballpoint pen.

Yeah they messed up...bad

The Percy Jackson movie is nothing like the books<<< Child we don't speak of those. It isn't the Percy Jackson movies. It's just a series of stupid movies made by dumb mortals who don't know what they're doing.

I do feel kinda bad for Dylan..... He seems so sweet and everyone wants him dead.

It's non existent. Except for my idiot friend. She like Dylan. After she told me that I ignored her for three days

heros of olympus charecters last friday night - Yahoo Image Search Results

Even if I'd lose all the time I'd kill to play monopoly with the gang! Monopoly is soooo long!