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Ode to Sleep - 6" Twenty One Pilots Lyrics Embroidery by OvercastVintagePDX on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/246029626/ode-to-sleep-6-twenty-one-pilots-lyrics

Ode to Sleep - Twenty One Pilots Lyrics Embroidery by OvercastVintagePDX on…

5 seconds of ninja turtles

The Home of Heroes — The best 5 Seconds of Summer fan art on the teenage muntent ninja turtles

I'm an extrovert. I could have went 3 nights without sleeping yet still, have the energy of a humming bird, you see, the definitions according to savanah brown: monday of june i belive)

25 Excusas [#Wattys2016] - 0.

25 Excusas [#Wattys2016] - 0.

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Black and White depressed depression sad alone fat self harm self hate cutting ugly worthless self injury self loathing misfit unwanted disappear trigger warning unloved

Wherever you are

Does anyone else cry when they listen to this song? I was listening to it today in class and I started crying and getting weird looks.<<<< I cried the first time I watched the video and now I cry every time I hear it.