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Haha, i hate anime, but I watched my brother play Zelda for an hour every day last year.

I found this funnier than it should have been.

I'm doing a huge project for history and it's due in a week and my group mates haven't done anything

Olha oque tem dentro do buraco  Kkkkkkkkk *aparece rei do zelda cagadão* Miiiii boooooi O fuck... *sai correndo junto com os links*

I like Zelda

XD Groose

*looks at post date* it was posted late on Christmas eve… =^= Well, enjoy this adorable picture nonetheless!


yo im juls and im zelink trash and like to write things :))))) currently writing a new normal

I couldn't stop laughing at this the first time I saw it.

Wacky Midna Hijinks 3 by Yoyobionicle on deviantART. I laughed SO HARD. This is why I love Midna