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Fairy Tail Erza memes - Google Search

Fairy Tail Erza memes - Google Search

True true.

Before i used to hate Laxus sooo much and my friend hated Gajeel so bad she wanted to kill him XD now Laxus is my anime crush and Gajeels is my friend's senpai for life XD

Zeref and Natsu - Big Hero 6 AU by Atralsinoa.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Zeref instead of creating demons turned to robotics in a world without magic.Originally I was going to have Zeref off Mard Geer by making him self-destr. Zeref and Natsu - Big Hero 6 AU

Fairy Tail characters, smiling, guild, pictures, paintings, sketches, sketchbook, text; Fairy Tail

Tenrou Island was a pretty sad arc. After seeing those picture it made me cry as well


Lucy and Mavis similarities yup yup yup. missed the part where they both love Dragneel's.

Idk anybody

Erza and Jellal - seriously Jellal! i hated that one episode where they were about to kiss. I have finance and bla bla

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GaLe so cute. I SHALL SHIP IT FOREVER! >>> Yes this is true but look at Gajeel and Wendy I love their (sorta) friendship Ooh noo- LEVY~ don't cry! Gajeel loves you! Adorb❤️ and true i Love their friendship too, he's like an older brother no?