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Jellyen by: Henry Jager

"Jelly in a galactic flight through the ocean. (Pelagia noctiluca), Picture taken at Minorca, Balearic island in Spain," writes photographer Henry Jager.

Blue Jellyfish

SCOTTISH JELLYFISH~ Blue jellyfish or Bluefire jellyfish. scientific name Cyanea lamarcki, is usually found off the coast of Scotland, in the North Sea and in the Irish Sea, and can measure ten to across

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Red Jellyfish

Red Jellyfish Waiting for another night dive and be able to see this beauty :)

The flower hat jelly is a species of jellyfish occurring in the West Pacific off southern Japan. Characterized by lustrous tentacles that coil and adhere to its rim when not in use, the flower hat.

The rare flower hat jelly’s lilac-tipped fringe can deliver a painful sting. Found off Brazil, Argentina, and southern Japan, the jelly’s tentacles can coil and uncoil and are used to capture small fish and other food.