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“jungkook ◌ steals your body wash and shampoo ◌ blushes when you kiss him in front of the boys ◌ "princess" ◌ "stop calling me bunny"”

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Am I dreamt too high when I wishing to be one of someone you know well. Do what i wished for is too much? I just wishing i can laughing, crying, eating, and doing something crazy with u. Feels like I am crazy over you. But I cant!


The love of my life Park Jimin, why you so, how you can be so perfect ?

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Jimin's Japan Travel Diary 141124 Wow, everyone … I think I’m really bad with computers,. But since it’s for you guys~~ I uploaded them enjoyably.

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[Picture/Scan] Rap Monster at Ceci Korea Magazine (April Edition)