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Lol! Thor and Loki!

Domestic Avengers - Bear Cub by caycowa Fan Art / Cartoons Comics / Digital / Movies caycowa Loki just give it to thor and.

thebagateller:rogers-and-stark:You have a FLYING SUIT and you STILL don’t have a FLYING CAR? WTF, Tony? *coulson smugly coughing in the corner*<<

"Your dad promised us a flying car, Tony.There should be a sequel where they find out he gave Lola to Coulson.

i would have given tom hiddleston cookies.... and plus, this dialogue is better than the original.... except the 'i am burdened with a glorious purpose' which reminds me of steve martin in 'the jerk' ... remember his 'special purpose?' lol

LOL Loki, you've been Stark'D. I thought it would be nice for Iron Man to get some revenge on Loki from the first 'MY POP-TARTS' ~ Loki, Thor, and Iron Man from the EPIC movie, The Avengers


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Baby Problem: Thor Found Them by SilasSamle on DeviantArt

Baby Problem: Thor Found Them by SilasSamle on DeviantArt<< I WANT THIS TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN! They get tirned to children and the other avengers have to care for them while stark and banner try to fix them.

Poor Bruce / the Avengers made snowman / Steve being over achiever as usual

I have a feeling Tony had something to do with Thor's snowman hahaah - "Little Red Riding Thor" << LITTLE RED RIDING THOR. No, guys, you don't understand: Steve is *in* the snowman hehehe