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Outlook Is Everything

This Is What Anna Kendrick Would Look Like as Squirrel Girl, and Marvel Needs This to Happen

Captain America/Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- Friendly reminders are never very friendly....

Captain America/Captain America: The Winter Soldier, This is soooooo true, lolso emotional tho♥♥♥

Omg Bucky's face in the last panel. "Yeah this gets kinda old." Lol

are we forgetting Phil F***ing Coulson! The ULTIMATE Cap fanboy. Well besides Bucky.

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When Marvel heroes get together for the holidays

Comeptetion between marvel and DC. Some really ordinary stuff resulting in Civil War and loki memes they are really getting hold of internet, some more latest and really hilarious Marvel Memes are …

Steve Rogers finally figures out where he knows the name Howard Stark from. << ahaha yes - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Captain America: The First Avenger #SteveRogers #BuckyBarnes

I'm dying I completely ship Steggy and I don't ship Stucky at all but this was too funny.