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Cronache Esoteriche: Twitt angelico: Spiega le tue ali.

The angels are around us at all times.Whether we "believe" in angels or not, holds no bearing on their reality.Ask your guardian angel for a name-listen and trust what is given! The angels long to help us but we rarely ask for their assistance!

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In the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabala, Metatron is considered the highest of the archangels, positioned in the crown of the Tree of Life


The Angel of the Birds, 1910 František Dvořák (aka "Franz Dvorak" or "Franz Bruner")

Non solo angeli: LE INSICUREZZE

Angels, Archangels, Guardians, and Elementals - The Gathering Of Wise Ones

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How to Work with your Guardian Angel Angel Fantasy Myth Mythical Legend Wings Warrior Valkyrie Anjos Goth Gothic

Angel ministering hope, prophetic art.

Pictures from "Our Lady cards'. Should reach out to places that might be in my heart.Our Lady message card by Takaki

I corpi celesti si possono considerare mossi da creature spirituali che si chiamano angeli o intelligenze, o intellitti separati. Sant'Agostino

“Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace.” ― Victor Hugo Vladimir Kalinin - Soul Mine Also Has Recollected

Foto di arte di Angelo limitato accompagnato di HenriettesART

Limited angel art photo "accompanied on your way", abstract angel painting, Engelbild, moderne Engel