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Star Trek predicted the future!

Jaana Prada on

Star Trek: predicting the future since 1966 (except what's up with the 1973 flip phone? Looks like a pretty big typo to me.


Spock holding a dog with a unicorn horn. Your argument is invalid. I love this because they're actually trying to pass this off as an alien creature, but it's SO obviously a dog in a costume!

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Seat Belts werent mandatory in the in cars, so why should they be on space ships? Thats why everyone goes flying for the dramatic shots lol <--- plus, there's nothing cool about seat belts

star trek humor

I love making fun of all the redshirts, and predicting when in an episode they're going to die >:D

The entire history of Star Trek is in this SPACE.com timeline infographic.

45 Years of Star Trek [INFOGRAPHIC]

The First 45 Years of Star Trek Infographic. The Star Trek Infographic on the first 45 years is something most Star Trek buffs, Trekkies, and infographic l


this is so true. No matter when or where, I will feel like a boss while sitting in a rolly chair

Star Trek original and reboot face blend, in other news, Star Trek did a spectacular recast.

Star Trek actors past and present combined…

Star Trek original and reboot face blend, in other news, Star Trek did a spectacular recast. ^ Dang Scotty is perfect

Star Trek embroidered Bib. $6.20, via Etsy.

Star Trek embroidered Bib by GamerMomCreations on Etsy Ben would like this! He watches Star Trek with Nolan all the time!

Annie Get Your Gun/Star Trek mash up. PERFECTION.

Anything Kirk can do Khan can do better, Khan can do Everything better than Kirk <----LOL I *do* love my good guy Starfleet officers, but I can (Khan?) totally hear them singing this." "Yes I Khan, yes I Khaaan!" :)<< yes I Khan tho

How regular people become Trekkies. Star Trek

This is similar to what happened to my wife. Season 1 of TNG "Star Trek is stupid!" Then on to and Voyager, and I was forbidden to watch without her.