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Angels live forever because their food is Holy Breath, love, and music .Feast on Holy Breath by remembering to breathe as Angels do, deeply filling Ourselves with Holy Spirit, Divine Essence of Mother God

Your in my view when the night is clear , When clouds are about you will disappear , As your not alone your with others too ,  Where your among the moon as i view ,  You are a five figured shape that is afar , You shine like a diamond when it is dark , A silvery colour that shines in the night , Glistening star you are that beams so bright , ©Val Webb 2013 www.facebook.com/...

Angel, cover me with stars that keep me bright and shiny in the midst of what seems hard and closed.


"Angel Children are little things With fairy ways and fairy wings. and they live up high along with birds in the big blue SKY-" Прекрасные детки- Sandra Kuck