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Marton Csokas - yep, even as an Elf.


Lord Celeborn, husband of Galadriel, grandfather of Arwen, and a sort of Prince Consort.

Marton Csokas

Celeborn (Marton Csokas) Galadriel`s husband - Lord of Lothorien

Galadriel has learned the bitter lessons history has to teach, and she is wiser for such experience. But he is more thoughtful and analytical, whereas she goes more on experiential instinct. Galadriel and Celeborn complement each other, but neither is strikingly superior to the other. Celeborn is, in fact, quite decisive, whereas Galadriel is deliberative and cautious.

Welcome Back by DeviantArt - The artist describes this as Celeborn coming home to Galadriel in Lothlorien after a war (so I'm putting it around The Hobbit era even though there are a few different options of wars).

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