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Yeah, the game itself has only just been released, but thanks to betas and marketing people have been getting to know the cast of Overwatch for months. Among those fans are some of the world’s best artists, many of whom we’ve featured here on Fine Art before.

Some Of The World's Best Artists Are Already In Love With Overwatch

Overwatch Reaper Fanart by Jason Nguyen, Illustrator/ Concept Artist. "Here's a Reaper fan art I did a while back on my spare time! His game play style is really fun, and I loveeee his character design! Can't wait for the game to come out.

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I wish this was a mechanism in the game. I would have defeated so many mei players

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Lucio is being cute, stop fighting

mercy, soldier76, overwatch

mercy, soldier76, overwatch

Death by SnuSnu

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How I see interactions with guys I like (Zarya) to how they see it (genji)

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Nice job The best way to beat raper is to endanger an adorable little puppy in battle ground. But by the Gods, that last panel is creepy as fuck.