BRUCE LEE, martial arts icon/film star with NBA legend Karim Abdul-Jabbar on the set of Game of Death Lee died suddenly died in 1973 before the film was completed. It was later released 5 years after his tragic death.

Wow !

Wow !


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Shannon Lee! Bruce Lee's daughter

She is the daughter of martial arts film star Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Cadwell, the granddaughter of Cantonese opera singer Lee Hoi-Chuen, and the younger sister of Brandon Lee.

Meng long guo jiang - Publicity still of Bruce Lee

A gallery of publicity stills and other images with Bruce Lee. Featuring images for Enter The Dragon, "Batman", Game Of Death, Tang shan da xiong and other titles.

Bruce Lee Dropping The Bass Cool

Funny lol -- You can be cool, but you will never be Bruce Lee dropping the bass cool.