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(16.07.16) So far, so when the game comes out, probably will create a version of the two, with only the addition. Released all the characters. Ds.Pole-bear.

Rachel the Rabbit, text, human form, girl, character designs; Five Nights at Freddy's

All the characters!!! I love the Freddy/ Toy Freddy one!

33 Characters belong to Scott. Drawings belong to Pole-Bear[pole-be. All The Fnaf Characters!

[FNaF3] Springtrap Designs By Pole-Bear

springtrap I like how balloon boy is like "dude really? This is a kids place u don't smoke here." And springtrap is like "so what? I'll smoke if I want to" <<< i like when he's like "RAH" and the guards like "AHH I'M GONNA- wtf r u doing" XD