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Oh Papyrus...

Sans saying "WE call it the sun" made me think of the whole "sans is a human" theory

Sans: *I don't think that is how it works Papyrus.

[ACT] *Papyrus

Sans: *I don't think that is how it works Papyrus.<<< Papyrus: Sans I don't see you getting any significant others do I? Sans: *Flashbacks of fangirls* Yeah.

I got: You got Papyrus!! Which Undertale Character are you?

Which Undertale Character are you?

*Mystery Ben leaves this here with little comment. *Mystery Ben Escapes… *Yes, he is bobbing to exactly the song you think he’s bobbing to.

Megolovania snickers

I love how he just randomly appears and is like "here have a snickers" and he was killed by frisk and then sans doesn't even thank him or anything he just asks him how he's alive. Sans ur so rude XD

ASK THE SKELE-HOUSEHOLD! * He's beauty!* He's grace!* He's a major political figure in Snowdin! -- PLEASE NOTE: - Only send questions to the ask blog - Do not talk about Genocide route - Keep ...

Would you rather be fluffy like sans, or a great hugger like papyrus? I would rather be a great hugger