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Do You Have Royal Blood? Your Last Name May Tell You.

Discover the Top 25 Most Inspiring Rumi Quotes: mystical Rumi quotes on Love, Transformation and Wisdom.

Occult Symbols And Meanings | Illuminati Symbols And Meanings

Swastika – The Enigmatic Universal Symbol - Swastika has been a sacred symbol in various ancient civilizations around the world during different times for over 3000 years

Abecedario egipcio

Egyptian Hieroglyphics - alphabets, gods, metals From Lepsius, metals with inscriptions, words and phrases.

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Elderprops Free Fonts font family alphabet painting drawing resource tool how to tutorial instructions

Covenant alphabet [Halo]

Covenant alphabet [Halo]

This is the Sanskrit language. This language is an Indo-Aryan language. This language is most common in those that practice the Hindu religion. It's also popular in Buddhism and Jainism

An Indo-Aryan language, Sanskrit is commonly spoken by those that practice Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

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Designer: N/A Found in: Front page Aquaria was one of my favorite games growing up, and I always liked the coded alphabet it used.